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Spontz Visuals Editor 1.1
Used for the design and scripting of the Spontz demos
This is the first revision of our visuals editor. It includes many features missed in the previous version like the ability to enable / disable bars, graphics and music preview in the pool browser, new loading section bar and background editor, a hierarchical pool window, start and End time quick access from the timeline and unlimited custom element script length

Don't hesitate in talk to us if you would like to integrate this tool with your own demo editor, surely we can reach wonderful results!

As usual, there are
MacOS X and Windows versions available.

Example projects
With this application, you can load and update the automatic dream, here is the project file!

If you would like to comment about this tool, you can do it in the Pouet's project page.

Scripts replacing Video settings window Bars selection Loader settings

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