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Spontz Visuals Editor 2.0
Used for the design and scripting of the Spontz demos
This is a major revision of our demo editor. A long time has passed since the last release, but it was justified by the fact that finally we got a realtime preview between the demo engine and the demo editor! This means that now it is possible to edit the demo while it is being reproduced in the screen. The system works through a TCP/IP connection (usually local , but could be remote). This was the biggest bottleneck we ever had when designing the demos. Now we (and you) can try all kind of blendings, fine-tune effects, and find which layer is consuming the computer resources in no time.

Other improvements are the file browser, that is automatically updated with the changes on the computer's filesystem. This file browser is also used to sync the files between the pool folder and the demo data folder. There is a small text editor that allows to edit both files (pool and data) at the same time, and lots of small changes, too many to enumerate all of them here.

As usual, there are 
MacOS X and Windows versions available.

Example projects
With this application, you can load and update cosmosis remix, particles of the death and death of the death!

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