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Satan comes back from Hell by merlucin & xiscu2, released at Euskal Party on July 24th, 2009
Started in the Breakpoint 2009 and ended in the work office, this song was recorded with a plantronics headset and the shitty mac mini of the meeting room. Got the second place in the Euskal 17 High Quality Music competition, which was a surprise, because in the compo the volume level ws too low. The lyrics pertain to a small fridge's instruction manual, but readed upside down. As a curiosity, the first take was the best and fresher one, and this is also the first prod in which xiscu2 works with us.

Hermine by pinza, released at Breakpoint 09 on March 11th, 2009
This was the Pinza's contribution to BreakPoint 09. Using the Xander Pills' nickname and playing with the Illusion Orchestra, this stream escapes from the traditional demoscene tracks with lots of fresh and natural instruments, mostly played by himself. The song obtained the 7th place out of 16.
Cosmosis by merlucin, released at Fiberparty on May 29th, 2007
A small (in time) song composed for a demo that never will see the light, this song served then as a musical background for a production from Zona Neutra, a retrocomputing demo group capable of creating a demo in less than 4 hours using a completely unstable demo engine :)
Never say goodbye by merlucin, released at Euskal Party 13 on July 24th, 2005
This is one of these songs you write, and write, and write again along time. I started it in summer, 2003, with my old ibook. I got about 20 seconds of song, a very good chords and sound, and I decided to store the material for a future. Some time later, I ended the song and gave it as a present for a very special person. It took about three months of work at nights (about 3 hours per week) to finish it.
My little green plant by merlucin, released at Euskal Party 13 on July 23th, 2005
This song is pretty old, but one of the most vigorizant and happy things merlucin has composed until now. As usual it was written in the middle of a mental disturb, and was dedicated to the little green plant (already dead) he had on the window. As usual, the plant didn't take care of the song and successfully died some years ago. The only remaining thing from it is the song itself, and some dry leaves inside a book.
Fired from Heaven (short version) by merlucin and Jano, released at Euskal Party 10 on July 26th, 2002
This version of FFH features new sequences, and the duration was adjusted to about 3 minutes in order to agree with the High Quality music compo rules. The song was ranked 10th of 21 prods.


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