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Many years passed since our last production. Live has kept us busy, but this does not mean that we are still dead. Let's call it an active half-zombie state. Anyway, here is the last excretion of our brains: electroscopia, the 203 second endless demo. Featuring eclectic effects based in deprecated GLSL shaders, a terse soundtrack and lots of hidden content not evident for the non-initiated mortals. Stop reading this and download it now!
The concept behind this production is a bit diffuse. It started as a elucubration of several space scenes in which there were some physical laws that were distorted, but then was slightly moved to a concept involucrating the mind and the creative process. Then came the last scene, in which the human being evades the limits imposed by the beliefs and religions, while elevates itself higher and higher, leaving behind the world in which he born. So, it's really a mixture of excuses in order to test several massive particle routines we are working on.
Don't deceive me
This demo was heavily influenced by conversations with Navis from ASD, when he was in Bilbao (I am talking about year 2008) and iq from RGBA. You can notice this in the transitions from one scene to the next one, fact that we have tried to smooth as much as possible. This time, the particle engine was heavily improved, adding support for 3D objects as particles. The rendering pipeline has been also reworked, allowing to display more and more simultaneous polygons. There are also new effects and sections available in the demoeditor.
Death of the Death
This demo was completely created in a spasm during the end of the last day of the time allowed for the demo competition in the breakpoint. It started like a small project in order to teach other people the use of the Spontz demo editor, but the result was visually appealing enough to present it to the contest. The demo only takes a minute and contains a single effect, what make the people at the party to maintain some seconds of silence after the demo ended. They expected a bit more for sure!!
Particles of the Death
Particles! This is the merlucin's favourite theme for a demo. This production was done basically because AMB provided pizza enough to merlucin and isaac2 was coming to BCN Party 111. There is also a third reason: there were people talking about that this was going to be the last bcn party here and there because the lack of productions. Simply it was mandatory for us to contribute with some visuals to the event. As usual, Isaac2 completely cleared the windows version of bugs after the compo and here it is again: a new multiplatform demo from Spontz!
Cosmosis: Remixed
After the second part of die anderung, we made a promise to ourselves: not making more demos until the engine had a realtime preview. We had to put almost an entire year with this in mind but here is the result. Cosmosis: Remixed was inspired in a production that madgoblin presented at FiberParty 2007 but couldn't be shown on the big screen. As he couldn't participate in this prod, at least he got a dedicatory.
Die Änderung 2
A demo coming directly from the inferno! This is the second part of the die änderung series. Kolian officialy stopped developing the code in the previous production so merlucin continued his work with ten slots where storing and recovering the framebuffer, allowing the composition of layered effects with or without interference. This way we can apply effects (for example, a simple blur) to objects in the middle of a set of layers, without affecting the already drawn ones
The 80's Demosound
This is an intense 65-seconds work plenty of energy, movement and sync. The demo grown around a song from Little Bitchard with the same name of the demo, emulating the style of the 80's demo tracks. Here you will find starfields, hierarchical wire cubes, fake plasmas, low res polygons, brillant (yet measued) colors, morphs, retro screen margins, viewport transitions and lots of sync points and flashes.
The Automatic Dream
This demo is as we would like it to be: smooth in colors, glossy, long and easy of listen and watch. Although the demo itself was scripted using an old powerbook it needs a better machine to run seamessly. Try G4s with very good 3D cards or G5 configurations for better performance. We have also put a lot of care in the details. Find inside nice blurred and partially diffuse scenes, smooth color schemas, spirals and other iconography related with dreams.
The pleasure of art
This demo was presented in Valencia (Spain), for the ifParty 2005 event. In the meantime there were a huge discussion in the scene forums about the art and the demoscene. Should the demoscene be considered as some kind of strange form of art? As usual it depends of your definition of art. Dor us any form of expression is art, and so tries to explain this demo. The most absurd concept could be considered as art if there is some kind of meaning behind. Judge by yourself...
The demothing
Kolian was working really hard in the demoengine this time. He got more than a 50% of speed increment, plus a texture and models cache, new realtime effects, plus the ability of rendering 3DS animations directly composed with 3D studio or exported from lightwave. This demo is the second one released with the visuals editor, that was enforced with additional functions to avoid bottlenecks in the development of each new demo.
Space invaders
Until now, all our productions have been edited manually using a text editor. For this production we implemented a visual object-oriented editor, allowing us to accelerate the demomaking about 400%. This is the first production in which deekay participates as graphician. Take a look to his wonderful c64-like credits!
Die Änderung
There are lots of improvements in this demo, including spline-controlled arrays of particles and objects, plus a versatile effect repeater very powerful to add sync points. The music is really astounding and was entirely composed by pinza, from Finland, which joined us after this demo. This production was nominated to the Breakthrough Performance scene award but finally Project Genesis, a marvelous 64k demo from Conspiracy, won the competition.
The LifeWay
The particle engine was completely ended for this production. Kolian accelerated the demo to lightspeed with a new memory manager capable of track each allocated structure and remove it while the demo is being displayed, to avoid stops in the visuals. Almost all the appearance was redesigned and the engine entered partially in the generic phase, in which all the code becomes reusable for future productions.
This demo features a driver to conduct automatically generated coordinates for textures, a new title writing effect using a combination of particles and texture lightning detection, some redesigned 3D drawing routines and a very basic implemetation of a particle engine. We improved some things in the rendering pipeline, including an intermediate step for post-processing of the entire image before sending it to the screen. This kind of things allow us to generate some special effects such as realtime texture diffusion or radial blur.
This demo is not as amazing as we would like it to be, but took lots of time. It's completely hand-made: there were no demo editor, the scenes were synchronized manually, the objects positioned compilation after compilation, and the script (take a look at it please) was really messy. We were experimenting with lots of other tools (for example KBT Bryce for the skyboxes, lightwave for the models, Reason for the music, Poser for the models, etc...) and we started to think in elliminating the bottlenecks that make the demo construction process slow and boring.
Spontz goes to Dixieland
Watch this demo and feel the original Spontz spirit flowing through your veins! Too many effects and great scenes were prepared for this production, but only the best ones are shown. Don't forget to pay attention to the particular great greetings sequence and the final BCN Party (now extint) invitation. We promise that there won't be a "bad demo" after you watch this one. And we got the 8th place out of 11!
This is the first production that came out from us. Released in the FiberParty yn May 2002, It got the third place of six participants. We also had no idea about the scene subculture, the groups, the other parties so it was nice to meet other people that were also making other demos in the party place. There were people as silenci, xphere and trace, that make all the entire experience enjoyable. As a final note, just to say that about the 50% of the demo was coded on the party, and this is noticeable in the final result.

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