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080808 of the death by kosmoplovci
This is a remix of death of the death, a demo we presented in Breakpoint 2008. PS, from tpolm, asked us for the source code for the demo because he liked it and wanted to remix it. After explaining him how the demo editor was working and with the sources in the hand, ps and dom created this variation, matching the stile of other demos like intimna masina 2 (intimate machine 2).
Second Coming by Biomechanical Bastards
The Biomechanical Bastards presented a demo built with the Spontz Demoengine in the Breakpoint 2010, an event celebrated in the beautiful city of Bingen am Rhein, in Germany. This productions animates several religious drawing related with the long awaited second coming of Christ, our Lord, as stated during years by thousands of Jehovah witnesses all around the world.

This time they took a more scener approach to this event, featuring tile-based smoke and clouds plus lots of faith and good wishes.
Yand by Zona Neutra
Zona Neutra used our demoengine in order to create this demo for Euskal Party 2004. they got the sixth place in the democompo. There were a lot of work in this production. you can notice this in the heavy amount of sync points. Madgoblin heavily used the 3DS scene animation code, coded by Kolian years ago, in order to play keyframe-based animations exported from the Lightwave timeline.

Some scenes are unfinished because the lack of time caused by the deadline, and after the party the interest for this demo ceased so instead of ending it they moved to the next one.

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