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These are the people behind the latest Spontz productions
isaac2 | Isaac Lascasas | contact
Isaac takes care of the windows version of the demo engine code. He creates all kind of very advanced shaders that are integrated in the engine at a later time. At the same time he tries to fix all the defects that merlucin and xphere introduce in the code while tries to port (in a futile effort) as much engine as he can to C++. Isaac is also a 4kb and 64kb coder, and is able of generating all kind of 3D objects. If you have an idea, he can find the shortest path to put it in practice.

merlucin | Iván Fernández | contact
Makes music, scripts, code, graphics, 3D and coffee at the same time. He was the Spontz group founder, with angelss and kolian, and today he continues working in new productions. Dedicating his time to improve the demo editor, and the integration with the demo engine, also uses this demo editor to create most of the scenes that are part of the Spontz demos. In order to not to depend on others for the demo composition, he learnt to write its own music, creates 3D scenes and objects and generate all kind of graphics and textures used in the productions.

khrome | Julio J. Sánchez | contact | web
Khrome composes and produces all kind of music and remixes. He had work with us in the Cosmosis: remixed demo, writting the entire soundtrack among other things. He is so fast composing music that before starting to build a demo we can choose among ten or twenty of his songs. He also holds a music studio that you can watch in his website.

xphere | Pere Felices | contact
Continues with the development of the demoengine, creating new sections and improving the kolian's initial releases. He maintains the code up to date and takes care of the macintosh versions. He also creates new reusable effects, shaders and utilities that make the life of the demomaker easier. Xphere also codes 4kb and 64kb productions with his own engine. Not happy with that he started developing for mobile devices and also created some applications for texture manipulation and models procedural generation. Oh, and he also makes some 3D if feel inspired!


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