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Spontz Visuals Editor
Used for the design and scripting of the Spontz demos
Spontz Visuals Editor 2.1
This version of the demo editor is focused in bug fixing. As the new version will be a major rewriting, we want to leave this one as clean as possible. We got rid of the annoying tools window, integrating the working tools in the main edition area, added additional support for modern OpenGL graphics, created a new demo project with a complex scene, increased the number of simultaneous layers available and cleaned lots of code from the engine.
Spontz Visuals Editor 2.0
Although it's impossible to consider the Spontz demo editor stable, it deserves the 2.0 version change. The rework includes support to open multiple projects at the same time with copy and paste support between them. The demo engine now communicates through TCP/IP with the demo editor, making possible a realtime preview. Other features include GLSL shaders support, Frame Buffer Objects support (FBOs) and a realtime expression evaluator, that allows to vary almost all the parametrs along the time.
Spontz Visuals Editor 1.1
This new version is more stable and contains several features missing in the previous one, like the ability of search and replace script contents, multi-bar selection, bar enable/disable (very useful in order to optimize the demo), a loading screen editor, a pool browser window for quick media access and a images and audio preview among other minor improvements

Spontz Visuals Editor 1.0
This is the first public version of the application we created in order to accelerate the time we spent scripting a demo. Although a realtime preview is not yet available, the tool runs great when, for example, moving multiple sections at a time from a position to a new one, one os the most consuming tasks in this world. There are alsom various interface wrappers for common effects like the 3D image or the color fader. 


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