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Inactive members
These are the people that worked with us in the past
amb | Álex Martín | contact
We met AMB in the BCN party. The year was 2004, and we were there because the presentation of die Änderung, one of our most successful productions. AMB enjoyed a lot the soundtrack that pinza had composed for the demo, so he joined us some time later for the creation of the soundtrack of the second part of that demo, that was presented in the Euskal Party 15 (2007) obtaining the third place. His last contribution was the soundtrack for the demo Particles of the death.

angelss | Angelss Castro | contact
Angelss join the group after Hepilektic, and made a lot of graphics for the Spontz goes to dixieland demo, with ximac. After that demo, she didn't work more with us. Actually she works in a graphic design company in Barcelona.

blacksix | Gerardo Ulloa
He is behind the loading screen of The lifeway. He also designed some nice textures that we couldn't use in the demo because lack of time. After this demo, he dissapeared in the darkness and we have never heard again about him.

deekay | Daniel Kottmair | contact
He supported us a lot, creating the graphics for the oldschool credits of the Space Invaders demo, that we presented in the first Breakpoint, when there was still a separated mac demo compo.

dios | Ronny Conde
Dios worked with merlucin in the development of Spontz goes to dixieland, but finally his code could not be used in the demo. He quit the demoscene after watching M.D.M.A. from threepixels in the same party. "I have nothing to do here" he said. And dissapeared.

dynimix | Fredrik Andersson
There is nothing that prevents dynimix from doing what he wants. He was a very active programmer in the Mac demoscene for years, creating libraries that supported the demoscene for years (like a mp3 player for macOS 9, for example). He was also a prolific musician and guitarist, that composed with merlucin many songs. You can listen some of them in the soundtrack of the lifeway or Reborn, for example. 

jano | Pablo Gomez | contact
Jano did not participate in many productions, but was always there with us at the parties. He was in charge of the design of the trajectories of the particles that you can see in the lifeway, for example. As a guitar player, he also participated in several soundtracks, as Fired from heaven, Reborn and others. Now jano runs a successful software development company and dedicates his time to other of his passions: the motorbikes.

infinity | José Ramón Sanjuan | contact
Mostly interested in the Mac world, infinity started to create openGL effects for MacOS X without very much success. He didn't participate in any prods, but was always with us at several Euskal Party events.

kolian | Gabriel Álvarez | contact
Master of the demoengine and the designer of most of the effects that you can see in our demos, he stopped working with us after the release of the automatic dream, leaving the engine development to xphere, isaac2 and merlucin. Kolian also teached openGL and computer graphics to merlucin at the beginning of Spontz as group. He did not assist to very much parties, and merlucin was always talking about him. Some people started to think that he didn't exist, but thanks to god xphere and him shared a project at work, what helped a lot to the merlucin's credibility.

madgoblin | Toni González | contact
madgoblin participated in lots of our demos as 3D graphician and modeler. You can admire his magic touch in demos like the demothing, die Änderung, die Änderung 2 or Reborn, among others. He was a lightwave enthusiast, and teached merlucin about how to use this tool. With the time, he converted in a white hat hacker and started to work as security consultant, leaving his active role in the demoscene.

mcbrain | Pedro R. Fernández | contact
In his continous effort of security and care, mcbrain imposed to himself the mission of backing up the internet. He was with us in several Euskal Parties basically eating, sleeping and leeching.

pinza | Santeri Pilli | contact
He is behind great soundtracks like those used in demos like the demothing, die Änderung or Space invaders. As one of the most versatile music producers that we have ever know, he has tried lots of styles, from samba to electronic, passing through drum and bass and metal. We usually met with him in the Breakpoint, where he always presents some music to the contest, usually under a different nick. For music production he uses virtually any tool, from trackers to sequencers, and the result is always incredible.

trace | Ricardo Cabello | contact
We met him in our debut as sceners. It was in the FiberParty, and we were presenting prods at the same competition: the demos contest. He was part of threepixels then, and began to collaborate with us in the ifParty, where madgoblin and merlucin were coding their fourth demo: Reborn. Then there were a las collaboration for die Änderung, where trace prepared a very nice credits and layouts the day before the competition. Finally trace escaped to London in order to get a new life, so we only met at some scene events, mainly in Spain, when he passes by.

waffle | Mika Rautio | web
He kindly gave us support to port die Änderung 2 to Linux

ximac | Carlos Burges | contact
Very interested in the Mac Scene, ximac joined us after dixieland. He made lots of 3D designs, loading screens, graphics and music. You can watch some of his works in demos like Inferno, die Änderung or The automatic dream, his last collaboration with us. Now, ximac runs a successful internet portal dedicated to the Macintosh: faq-mac.


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