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The making of Cosmosis: Remix
by merlucin | List of chapters
Chapter 1: Procedural... or not?
Let's start discussing about the demo editor and engine. A procedural approach could be better than a task-oriented one, from the point of view of scene creation?

Chapter 2: The earth
Here we explain how the planet earth you can watch in the demo was created, starting from the 3D editor and ending in the layer composition

Chapter 3: The underwater
This is my favourite part, and the first one that was created with the new demoengine. Although it couldn't be completed the way we wanted to, the resuls were nice.

Chapter 4: Sky and clouds
Rendering an evolving cloudy sky is very complicated, so we had to use lots of hacks to get the illusion of movement. Here is also more information about the distortion filter that isaac2 created in order to give the impression of a video stream to the scene


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