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Released in October 5th 2012 at Main Party
  Code + Script


Welcome to the amazing world of electroscopia, the demo that took us two earth years to finish. This is the result of heavy lazyness, the direct effect of the existence of TV series, the appearance of children and the life, basically.

We started long ago in the demoscene. More than ten years of learning and practice. We are not sure if this one is going to be the last demo produced by Spontz, but for sure it will be the last one for some time.

This prod still uses our old 2.1 demo editor. v3.0 is in the works and slowly advances through the release process anyway, and it's a matter of time for it to be completed. In the meantime enjoy the latest GLSL tricks we learnt during the past summer. Nothing new of course, for the experienced demoscener, but funny enough for us to play with.

This is our demo number 20. Not the best one. but it's fun to state that fact :)

Maybe you will ask yourself about the meaning of this demo. Yes, it has a sense, but as with other art works we encourage the viewer to extract its own conclusions and imagine the meaning of certain symbology (some of it hidden to the untrained eye) that can be extracted from the demo.

There are no credits or greetings in the demo, so let's leave them here. The music was composed by Kevin MacLeod and provided through a free license. Maybe you listened other  MacLeod songs in the Biomechanical bastards demos.

All the graphics, scripting, direction and retouches were made by merlucin (that's me), while isaac2 and xphere helped creating and testing the final releases, and contributed with the base code for the spontz demoengine, reused here from other prods. Xphere also helped me getting some extra frames creading GLSL versions of some effects.

Let the lord be with you.


Electroscopia 1 Electroscopia 2 Electroscopia 3
Electroscopia 4 Electroscopia 5 Electroscopia 6

© 2000- by Spontz - After years we look back and recommend you to STEP OUT OF THE DEMOSCENE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE