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The automatic dream
Released in July 25th, 2005 at Euskalparty 13
3D, soundtrack
graphics, code
Engine code

Additional graphics

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Welcome to the Automatic Dream with Music! and many thanks for watching :)

This demo comes from a long process of learning. We have reworked our tools heavily eliminating bottlenecks, fixing some bugs and improving the demo editor for faster response and content handling. The result is one of the first prods that really is as we would like it to be: smooth in colors, glossy, not very short and easy of listening and watch.

The automatic dream started in BCN party 2004, at night. And the first designed scene was the green eye. Once finished the rest of the prod grown around.

Although the demo itself was scripted using an old powerbook it needs a better machine to run seamessly. Try G4s with very good 3D cards or G5 configurations for better performance. For MacOS X there is not still a configuration dialog, but you can modify easily the behavior of the demoengine. Guess how :)

Dreams, why?
A demo around a theme is harder than a demo showing nice effects on the screen. Each thing on this demo, despite of the typical demoscene appearance, is there because a reason. Try to figure the meaning for you or simply ask us :)

We have put a lot of care also in the details. Find inside nice blurred and partially diffuse scenes, smooth color schemas, spirals and other iconography related with the classical scene prods and dreams.

And thanks to...
Ithaqua for a fix some time ago about texture borders
Muzzol, for his time while testing the prod in his computer
Xphere, for the final demoengine build in record time from the SVN
MadGoblin, for the 3D modeling training through the messenger
The mac demoscene in general, for the support

Title scene Stage 4 Inside a dream The eye Beyond te eye
The atom scene Lights in the darkness Gretings scene Final title Blood cells
Final logo First transition Brain cells Stage 3 Tentáculos
Sky scene Credits Floating body Explosion Loading screen

© 2000- by Spontz - After years we look back and recommend you to STEP OUT OF THE DEMOSCENE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE