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Released in May 10th, 2003 at ifParty 3 (Valencia, Spain)
Code and scripting
3D models



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This demo features a system to automate the generation of texture coordinates for objects, an effect to draw titles using particles, some redesigned 3D drawing routines and a basic particle engine.

We improved some things in the rendering pipeline, including an intermediate step for post-processing of the entire image before sending it to the screen (something like a double buffer). This kind of things allow us to generate some special effects such as realtime texture diffusion or radial blur, but decreased a bit the quality of the resulting image.

Regarding the sound engine, it has several retouches and code restructuration. Although it is not used in this demo, in the future we will be able of mixing sounds also in realtime.

I remember the moment in which Trace called me and told "hey merlucin, you must code a demo for ifparty, we will be there too". Trace was part of threepixels there, the ruling group of the moment. This was a good chance to try to beat them.

Yeah, we got the first place (it was very easy as we were the only contestant) and threepixels got the first prize too, same conditions, but with a 4kb demo. Trace didn't lie when he told us that threepixes (basically him) was going to be there, but he forgot to say in which category they weregoing to compete.

Anyway, he helped us a lot with the preliminar design of the demo, making lots of graphics and giving retouches here and there. This was the first time (of two, the next one came with die änderung, in the bcn party) in shich trace collaborated with us in a demo.
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