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Spontz Visuals Editor 2.1
Used for the design and scripting of the Spontz demos
This release of the demo editor is focused on bug fixing and stabilization. Although we are not being very active in the demoscene lately, there are still plans for the developing of this tool. v3 is in the works and is being mostly rewritten from scratch. So the changes for this version are under the hood, basically a reorganization, a bug fixing and the removal of unused or not working tools  or windows that got obsolete.

From the point of view of the demoengine there is also additional support for shaders, no memory leaks on the particle system and more stabilization.

As usual, there are 
MacOS X and Windows versions available.

Example projects
With this application, you can load and update quintessence. second coming,
from the biomechanical bastards, and electroscopia!

This is the loading screen created by drumu for one of our demos This composition features bump mapping, specular reflections and occlusion shadows And no paths editor either

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