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El susto de vivir
Released in 2005 in the internet
Iván Fernández
Francisco Manuel Diestro
Patrice Marillier
Bernardo Setién


After 25 years of existence in this world I finnaly found why I was feeling pain in the belly from time to time: appendicitis. I was at home for two weeks, without nothing to do except waiting for my recuperation after the surgery. Then the idea of recording a short movie at home came, and here is the final result. The film had to be shot at home, with a webcam, and was heavily limited by the length of the camera's USB cable. Here are other interesting facts about the movie:

• As I was in the post-operatory, my character apperars continously bent.
• I included in the movie some people that visited me.
• The movie was presented to a film festival in Santander, and then rejected :(
• The quality of the film improves at the end because I managed to learn the editing application
• The final editing was made in a bus using a laptop


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