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Death of the death
Released in March 2008 at Breakpoint
  Code + Script




This demo was conceived in the breakpoint, designed, developed and finally presented in the same day, just the afternoon before the deadline. We didn't though in presenting a prod to the demo competition, but the mood and the atmosphere were so good, and there was so much people doing things there, that we couldn't resist and then started to code.

The easiest part was the music. When dynimix left the demoscene he left as legacy a vast amount of small songs he composing using his Korg Triton keyboard at home. The duration of these pieces goes from 1 minute to three and touch a lot of different styles. We simply took a look to the library and chose this intense industrial excerpt that had boom enough to power our beat sync trigger.

Then the scene construction began. We used a circle composed of small cubes that was duplicated, scaled and rotated with the music. The intensity of a glow effect was also controlled by the beat. All the rendering was post-processed using two shaders: The xphere's edge shader, that instead of drawing the scene only draws the borders of it, and then the isaac2's image distortion shader, which coompletely deforms the image in an amount also controlled by the beat.

Isaac2 also created the 3D spontz text at the end of the demo. It's curious to know that the development of this demo took 4 hours, and that the backgrounds (I mean the blue thing that appears behind the demo) are really a particle effect generated by an invisible stair. The sense of this? Just look at the demo pool folder!

Loader Glow New elements appearing Complete scene with glow
The background appears High pass glow Now with particles More intensity to the glow
Isaac's distortion shader in action All the effects together Demo ending... Credits screen

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